Handmade jewelry infused with good intentions, sincere gratitude and a whole lotta friggin’ magic!
Hey there! My name is Jamie and I’m the artist behind PrinEle designs. I live in the sun blazin’ state called Arizona. I’m a big fan of cacti, large boulders, tumble weeds, and arrow motifs. Here are 10 things you may or may not be interested to know about me:

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What the heck is a PrinEle and how do you pronounce it?

Principles + Elements of Design = PrinEle Designs
(pronounced Prin-elle, like Elle magazine)


The Principles and Elements are essential to any art student’s education. Studying Interior Design, I learned that the Principles include scale, proportion, balance, rhythm and emphasis, while the Elements encompass shape, mass, line, texture, pattern, light and color.  

I approach all things creative with the Principles and Elements in mind, from my jewelry designs and table displays to my product shots and packaging. I also like to apply the Principles and Elements to my daily life. I strive for balance, seek color, and work for a life full of texture, rhythm and emphasis. As a youngin’ I fell hopelessly in love with the flakey texture of Mica, the breathtaking colors of the rainbow, and the pattern and rhythm displayed in agate. Even before I had a name for them, the Principles and Elements enchanted me and shaped the way I see the world.

I’d love the honor of calling you a #prinelelovely! Not sure what that means? Find out here.


A leap of faith

PrinEle Designs is more than jewelry and magical Gem Babies. It’s a single mom’s triumph over self-doubt, worry, and the endless feeling of inadequacy. It’s the outcome of a woman putting her big girl pants on and making shit happen! It’s a glorious and kinda fumbly reminder that you can read a self-help book in one night and begin creating the life you want the next day. PrinEle  represents stepping out of the shadow of doubt and fear and stepping into the light. As Rob Schneider would say, “You can do it!”.

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It all begins with family


As a kid, my dad and I made a yearly trip to gem shows in Quartzite and Blythe, then scoured the open desert for Quartz, Pyrite and Desert Rose. Our annual pilgrimage instilled in me a lifelong love of rocks, minerals and their unique vibrations. Today, PrinEle offers me invaluable freedom as a woman and mom. Owning my own business means I’m there for my daughter as she navigates the perils of high school, and it turns out she’s beyond proud of me.

PrinEle has become a family affair. When I do in-person events, I’m never alone. Instead, my daughter and husband make it a point to come with me. When the tent blows over at the market or the jewelry display falls on our heads at a pop-up event, we freak out a little bit, take deep breaths, and carry each other through. Our family slogan? For better or for worse, “we’re all in it together!”.



I care a whole hecka of a lot!


I like to watch robot movies (sci-fi for life!), but I’m not a fan of jewelry made mindlessly in a factory. When I buy a piece of jewelry, art or clothing, it means so much more when I know it was thoughtfully crafted with love, passion, and attention to every little detail. Rest assured, every PrinEle piece is created through an inspired and painstaking process, beginning with my careful curation of each stone, pendant, charm, and finding. After sketching out a design, I look to the Principles and Elements to determine my new creation’s pattern, texture, and color palette. Finally, I bring each piece to life by stringing, wire wrapping, and hand-knotting with my own two paws. Every PrinEle piece represents good intention, quality, sincere gratitude and a whole lotta magic!

By the way, I mean it when I say I curate. I put in the time and energy to build genuine relationships with my sources. I seek like-minded humans that care about our earth, about fair labor practices, and have strong business ethics. Only happy gemstones and good juju with PrinEle.


What..? Gemstones have healing vibrations?

Yep. You bet your ass they do!

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I have a strong connection to the gemstones I work with and believe their energy and vibrations can heal and enlighten. Many agree that rocks, minerals and crystals (aka Gem Babies) are conduits for transformation, allowing positive energy to flow into the body as negative energy flows out. Both the traditional Chinese concept of life energy (chi) and the Hindu and Buddhist concept of chakras point toward the ancient power of crystal healing.

If you haven't joined the crystals-are-magic movement, then simply let each stone serve as a reminder. For example, Sunstone represents optimism, positivity, and self-worth. Every time you feel your Sunstone mala against your skin, touch the Sunstone cradled in your pocket, or receive a killer compliment on your Sunstone stretch bracelet, you are reminded to let your best self shine through. We all need a little magic in our lives!



Curious which stone would benefit you most? 


What the cause?!

Let’s all have big gooey mushy hearts!


Before Lily Hardy Hammond coined the term and Haley Joel Osment made it popular, the concept of “paying it forward” guided my life and work. I think it all started with the Care Bears. I love those cute, cuddly, tummy-rainbow-shootin’ little guys. Each one represents a certain virtue, and if I were a Care Bear, I’d be Share Bear. I’m all about supporting other makers and donating dolla dolla bills to local causes.



Donating is Sexy


I used to be very quiet about donating. Now, understanding that raising awareness only multiplies my efforts and inspires others to give back, I’m like, “hell yeah I donate, what of it?”. PrinEle donates monthly to hand-selected local non-profit organizations. Feeling philanthropic? I wholeheartedly believe in the work of the following organizations:



Redlight Rebellion

Tranquility Trails Sanctuary

The Singletons

AZ Helping Hands


Have a favorite local non-profit you want to share with the world?
Drop me a line and I’ll happily add it to my list!


Support each other

A lot goes into starting your own business, and to call it confusing and scary is an understatement. Having experienced this firsthand, I feel compelled to share what I’ve learned with my fellow makers so they can skip the stress. From inventory, taxes, organization, and quality sources, I share it all. I’ve been cautioned against sharing “proprietary” information too freely, but being transparent has never hurt my business. On the contrary, it’s helped foster thoughtfulness, genuine friendships and collaborative thinking amongst my circle of creatives. I’d love to exist in a world where we lift each other up instead of competing, and where we stop comparing ourselves to the point of ugly crying over a pint of ice cream.

Have a question? Don’t be shy, I have your back!

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