What the cause?!

Let’s all have big gooey mushy hearts!


Before Lily Hardy Hammond coined the term and Haley Joel Osment made it popular, the concept of “paying it forward” guided my life and work. I think it all started with the Care Bears. I love those cute, cuddly, tummy-rainbow-shootin’ little guys. Each one represents a certain virtue, and if I were a Care Bear, I’d be Share Bear. I’m all about supporting other makers and donating dolla dolla bills to local causes.



Donating is Sexy


I used to be very quiet about donating. Now, understanding that raising awareness only multiplies my efforts and inspires others to give back, I’m like, “hell yeah I donate, what of it?”. PrinEle donates monthly to hand-selected local non-profit organizations. Feeling philanthropic? I wholeheartedly believe in the work of the following organizations:



Redlight Rebellion

Tranquility Trails Sanctuary

The Singletons

AZ Helping Hands


Have a favorite local non-profit you want to share with the world?
Drop me a line and I’ll happily add it to my list!